Skander Khlif

Skander Khlif is a Munich based Tunisian-German engineer and contemporary street and documentary photographer.

Before having lived in 8 different cities, he grew up in Tunis where like most of the local kids he spent most of his time playing and wandering the streets of his quarter. Today he still have a deep relationship with the streets and public areas which he considers as a theater stage where everyone is playing, acting and performing. Street photography became his favorite way of looking at the world. He is a light seeker in search of stories to tell. Fascinated by emotions, and relationships between people and their environments. He aims to capture this elusive, special moment which will never happen again.

Solo Exhibition

2018, ISO 001 La boite, Tunis
2018, ISO 001 IHEC Kapelle, Tunis
Solo Exhibition in Munich June 2018
Solo Exhibition Bastille, Paris August 2018

Group Exhibition

2010 University of Erlangen-Nürnberg pictures of the year.
2017 Festival de la photographie méditeranéenne – Sanary sur seine, Marseille.
2017 Miami History Museum during Art Basel.
2018 Italy street photography Milan April


Winner “Photomed Awards 2017“
Finalist “Miami Street Photography Festival 2017“
Finalist “Hipa 2017“
Honorable mention „Monochrome Photography Awards 2017“


westreet 2016 (collective book)
La boite, Un lieu d’art contemporain, 2018 (collective book)

In the Media

2016 Featured on Buzzfeed
2016 Interviewed on the huffpostmaghreb
2016 Featured on the Phoblographer
2016 Featured on Petapixel
2016 Featured on the creative Boom
2017 Eyeheartandsoul world’s 30 best fine art street photographers
2017 Featured on Fubiz
2017 Interviewed by Arek Rataj on 121clicks