A hub for street photography in Germany

The German Street Photography Site was founded by the photographers Siegfried Hansen and Marco Larousse out of Hamburg and Martin U Waltz from Berlin.

Our goals

  • to create awareness for street photography as an art form
  • to provide a promotion and information hub for street photography in Germany.

We are cooperating with fellow street photographers and street photography initiatives in Germany like our good friends from the Soul of Street magazine.

Over time we will add more street photographers to the German street photography site. At this moment we work with a “by invitation only” system. We are also interested in cooperating with the media, public cultural institutions, private galleries and the photography industry.

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New Book on street photography in Germany

Streetfotografie made in germany Street Photography

Streetfotografie – Made in Germany

Streetfotografie – Made in Germany is a new book (in German language) on street photography in Germany. 10 German street photographers show their images and explain the the “how” and the “why” of these street photos. The editors of the German Street Photography Site have supported this book project. Marco Larousse wrote the foreword and Martin U Waltz contributed the cover image. We are happy to report that 8 of 10 authors can also be found on the German Street Photography Site: Kay von Aspern,  Fabian Schreyer, Marco Larousse, Nicole Struppert, Siegfried Hansen, Torsten Köster, Max Slobodda, Martin U Waltz.

Streetfotografie – Made in Germany will be published August 28, 2018 by the publishing house Rheinwerk Verlag. The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.de (amazon.de aff. links).

Street Photography Festivals and Events in 2018

17-19 August 2018
London Street Photography Symposium

18. August 2018
Siegrid Hansen gives a speech at the Sigma Expert Day in Hamburg

5-7 October, 2018
Brussels Street Photography Festival

6-9 December, 2018
Miami Street Photography Festival