A hub for street photography in Germany

The German Street Photography Site was founded by the photographers Siegfried Hansen and Marco Larousse out of Hamburg and Martin U Waltz from Berlin.

Our goals

  • to create awareness for street photography as an art form
  • to provide a promotion and information hub for street photography in Germany.

We are cooperating with fellow street photographers and street photography initiatives in Germany like our good friends from the Soul of Street magazine.

Over time we will add more street photographers to the German street photography site. At this moment we work with a “by invitation only” system. We are also interested in cooperating with the media, public cultural institutions, private galleries and the photography industry.

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Street Photography Festivals and Events in 2018

20-22 April, 2018
Bucharest Street Photography Days

21 April, 2018
Luxemburg Street Photography Festival

28 April-6 May, 2018
Street Photo Milano

4-10 June, 2018
StreetFoto San Francisco

3-5 August, 2018
London Street Photography Festival

17-19 August 2018
London Street Photography Symposium

New: Karma Driver

The photobook by Wolfgang Zurborn

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