Nicole Struppert

Nicole Struppert is an international fine art, street and documentary photographer. Nicole’s photographic work focuses on geometric and minimalistic architectural compositions. Her photographs are a testimony to her eye for form, composition and the observation of contemporary life. They capture the essence of urban landscapes, people and unique moments to reveal a new perspective to the contemporary audience.

Besides her personal and commercial work she is working as a freelance photographer for the dpa:picture alliance, where she captured life around the Olympic Games 2012 London, and the US elections 2012. Between 2012 and 2017 she worked on a long term documentary project about Shoreditch / East London.

Since 2015 she is also the founder, editor and curator of the Website WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY. A website founded to give female photographers a platform to show their work, inspire and encourage them on their journey as a photographer!

Artist Statement

I am passionate about concrete aesthetics, the beauty seen in city shapes and the observation of contemporary life. With my work I try to make the might be “invisible”, visible to the audience.


2015 Winner/ Kujaja “Architecture Award” August
2014 Nomination Public Award / Bundesstiftung Baukultur “People & Spaces”
2014 Mark of Excellence Award / I shot it “Black & White Competition“

Group Exhibitions

2016 Das Bild von München, Praterinsel Munich
2009 Disappearing, MA Show, London, UK
2009 Catalyst arts, Belfast, Ireland

In the Media

2017 Photo Presse Magazin, Die Kunst der klaren Linien
2016 The Candid Frame
2015 Leica Blog, One Shot with Nicole Struppert
2015 The Phoblographer, Finding geometry in Street Photography
2015 Made in Shoreditch, Tales on Shoreditch: Finding Beauty in the Everyday
2016 The Street Photographer Book edited by Alex Coghe

Founder and editor of Women in Photography


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