David Shokouhbeen

David Shokouhbeen

David currently lives and works in Düsseldorf. Since 2017 he has been studying photography part-time at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. In 2006 he discovered street photography. Initially, exclusively in analogue and in black and white, he switched to a digital camera in 2017 and since then has been shooting more and more in color. With his photographic works, he was already represented at several renowned international street photography festivals and gave a lecture on the street photography scene in Cologne at the first German festival for street photography in Hamburg in 2019.

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Artist Statement

Street photography is the genre that I deal with most intensively and at the same time the biggest challenge, as it demands a high level of concentration and attention. What I like about street photography is the thrill, the unpredictability. So sometimes you capture the most absurd moments that you couldn’t have imagined before. In addition to the obvious humor, I research the interplay that takes place between people and their everyday environment. The boundary between illusion and perception is often blurred, even though it is a matter of reality. It is therefore important to show a certain way of thinking, to have a vision, to be able to anticipate and of course to choose the right perspective.

In the Media

[icon name=”circle”] 2019 RAW VLOG: GR Festival Hamburg (Sean Tucker, Niels Kemp, David Shokouhbeen, Onno Seyler, Lintaro)
[icon name=”circle”] 2019 Eyeshot Street Photography Magazine
[icon name=”circle”] 2019 Ricoh Imaging/PENTAX Portfolio: “Ene, mene meck…“
[icon name=”circle”] 2018 SPC Collective Meetup & Exhibition 2018 (Street Photography Cologne)


[icon name=”circle”] 2019 Miami Street Photography Festival Catalog [icon name=”circle”] 2019: World Street Photography 6 Book
[icon name=”circle”] 2019 Soul of Street Magazine #22
[icon name=”circle”] 2018 World Street Photography 5 Book

Exhibitions and Festivals

[icon name=”square”] 2019 Miami Street Photography Festival, HistoryMiami, Miami – USA
[icon name=”square”] 2019 „Rhythmus der Stadt“ – SPC exhibition during the „Internationale Photoszene-Festival Köln“, Cologne – Germany
[icon name=”square”] 2018 Brussels Street Photography Festival, Muntpunt, Brussels – Belgium
[icon name=”square”] 2018 „Street Photography Cologne Collective MeetUp & Exhibition“, Onkel Schick, Cologne – Germany
[icon name=”square”] 2018 London Street Photography Festival, Stour Space, London – England
[icon name=”square”] 2018 World Street Photography 5, Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg – Germany


[icon name=”square”] 2018 Finalist Brussels Street Photography Festival
[icon name=”square”] 2018 Finalist London Street Photography Festival
[icon name=”square”] 2019 Silver Medal in the Urban Culture category, Paris Street Photography Awards
[icon name=”square”] 2019 Finalist Miami Street Photography Festival


Street Photography Cologne


David Shokouhbeen Street Photography
David Shokouhbeen Street Photography
David Shokouhbeen Street Photography
David Shokouhbeen Street Photography
David Shokouhbeen Street Photography
David Shokouhbeen Street Photography
David Shokouhbeen Street Photography